Ieu Catholic Agreement

The new Enterprise Agreement enshrines access to the Fair Labour Commission for arbitration procedures, which has been disputed by the employer, and contains agreements on working practices that allow teachers and support staff to spend more time with students and use less time for data collection and entry, meetings and emails. The agreement provides for a 2.5% pay increase for 2017, 2018 and 2019 in the NSW, and in the ACT, teachers received 1.5% in April, with an additional salary increase planned in accordance with public schools. The new agreements on working practices also provide more tutoring and face-to-face exemption for new teachers to address the exodus of the profession in the early years. Catholic teachers and facilitators in NSW and ACT schools will vote “yes” to a new enterprise agreement next week, following an 18-month industrial campaign that included two rout meetings. In this section, staff of Victorian Catholic schools can find information on salary and conditions, including: Thus, in the Diocese of Lismore, new teachers receive 16 days off in the first year, eight in the second year, and in the diocese of Armidale, beginner teachers receive 18 days off. Assistance staff are paid for participating in think tanks. Guidelines for Ensuring Compliance with Employment Processes in accordance with the VCEMEA “The challenges of this campaign have proven that Sally McManus, Secretary of the ACTU, is right and that the rules governing labour relations are being violated and need to be changed. Despite many obstacles, the union has won and the end result will benefit school staff, students and parents. Recommended conditions, procedures, professional enrichment leave and automotive guidelines for Victorian Catholic second school principals In most dioceses, session time is limited to 10 hours per semester and it is mandatory to limit unnecessary processing and programming of data that is not directly related to teaching. Staff are not required to respond to emails outside of normal school hours. “It is a tribute to the determination and unity of our members to cling to their weapons for 18 months, despite employers` attempts to bribe them with a pay raise because they knew how fundamental the right to conciliation was,” said Gloria Taylor, Acting Secretary IEUA NSW/ACT Branch. The minimum right to our schools is described in the Catholic Education SA Enterprise Agreement 2017. “They also realized that the work-stepping provisions would benefit not only them, but also their students, which would give them more time for what they originally signed up for,” Taylor said.

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